Why Use Us?

Program Consultation

hJm Consulting is an exclusive “Greybeard” workforce

  • Senior Military and Civil Service backgrounds
  • Knows NAVAIR/ NAVSEA/ NIWC processes and procedures
  • Knows the aviation industry best practices
  • Knows and understands the aviation customer needs
  • Knows current aviation technology capabilities and airspace rules
  • Identifies future technology opportunities and potential resultant efficiencies

Years of Experience

  • Over 100 years of Aviation and airspace management
  • Over 75 years of Program management
  • Over 40 years of Logistics
  • Over 35 years of Systems engineering

List of Services

  • NAVAIR business management
  • Air Traffic Control Management Systems
  • Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Logistics
  • Training

Management Experience

  • Flag level briefings providing on the spot answers to mitigate concerns
  • Led operational flight test preparation and execution activities for Navy Unmanned Carrier Aviation System (NUCAS) onboard five aircraft carriers pier side and at sea
  • Vision and commitment to developing standard solutions across air capable ship platforms to increase operational efficiency and reduce life cycle costs

Unmanned Aircraft

  • Developed DON UAS integration program for CONUS
  • Developed policy governing Unmanned flight in the National Airspace System (NAS) and Special Use Airspace
  • Expanded the role of Military UAVs in the NAS
  • Worked with FAA to develop consensus based UAV standards
  • Developed and delivered the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certificate of Authorization (COA) waivers to operate in NAS
  • CONOPS for Fire Scout, Global Hawk, Triton and Unmanned Carrier Aviation programs
  • Air Vehicle Operator work station design and integration
  • X-47 and Unmanned Carrier Aviation design development and delivery to operate in the aircraft carrier environment

Air Traffic Control Systems Development

  • Radio
  • Radar
  • IFF
  • GPS
  • Data Link
  • Information Systems

Aviation & Airspace

  • Established processes and procedures for control of the US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft and management of DoD airspace
  • Development of Air Traffic Control Strategic Plans and Roadmaps
  • Extensive experience in all facets of airport and airspace management
  • Certified aircraft carrier air traffic control teams “safe” to control aircraft during “blue water operations” when divert fields are out of range

Systems Engineering

  • Planned, prioritized, scheduled, and managed systems engineering tasks.
  • Documented technical progress by leading Systems Engineering Requirements Reviews (SETR).
  • Established Configuration Management and Risk Management processes and drafted and delivered Program Management and Systems Engineering program plans, milestones, and schedules.
  • Managed development, delivery, integration test, and installation of unmanned air system of system components in labs and onboard aircraft carriers.
  • Developed functional requirements and documented requirements traceability.
  • Wrote functional and integration requirements for the design of the Navy Unmanned Carrier Air System Integration Lab at NAS Patuxent River and testing requirements for the lab components.